Jamaica, March 2013 – Dancehall Reggae is proud to present Dancer and Singer ‘Ding Dong’ who has partnered with the famous VYPA to release a new video titled as ‘Wine Up’.

It is produced by Smokeshop Studio based in Toronto and is based on Tech Sweedz Riddim. Mastered by Truck Back Recording studio who partnered with Faada Freshh from Jamaica, the single has been getting great reviews in both North America and Jamaica.
      Ding Dong is the stage name for artist Kemar Ottey, who is an extraordinary dancer and also the founder of the dancing group ‘Ravers Clavers’.

He began his singing career by voicing on hit singles like ‘Wacky Dip and ‘Weddy Time 2’ where he worked with Bogle and Voise Mail.

“Ding Dong” has a fresh new talent and while he’s primarily a dancer, he is also a great singer, which he proved with his single “Its A Holiday”.

This song where he has partnered with VYPA has a new school sound to it and delivers a solid punch, something his fans have come to associate him with.

Apart from that, his unique performing style comes through with this song, even though he’s working with an artist with over 10 years of experience in the music scene”, says his Manager.
       VYPA, on the other hand, is an established well rounded artist with a huge fan following from New York to Jamaica to Toronto. A natural crowd pleaser, his music talks about love and life and while the vibes entice the soul, the lyrics themselves are food for the ears.

He proved himself through his hit singles like ‘I Love You Girl’, ‘Country Bwoy’ and ‘Recycled’ and his new single with Ding Dong lives up to the hype as he has once again delivered tight crisp lyrics. “With ‘Wine Up’ he has managed to combine the sounds of Dancehall Reggae while he stays true to his culture and style, not selling out to what is the hype, which in the end is so important for an artist to maintain his individuality.

He is representing Dancehall Reggae music like no other artist can and together both VYPA and Ding Dong are doing a damned good job of it”, says a member of the production team.


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