This album is a movie for the ears. “Spoken Soul” the title track Ventage shows her vocal side and delivers with a soulful vocal arrangement. Now that she has your ear’s soul she comes with “Famous” putting the world on notice that she is here to stay. Next up the featured single “Lets Chill” makes you want to call a special someone and just Kickback. “On & On” just takes you happier times in a joy filled day she also displays her talent as a rapper. “Hypocrite” digs into the every type of relationship spiritual, physical and emotional. The song “Don’t Let Go” brings insight on being a Famous star trying to maintain a relationship that is falling apart. She introduces singer Michael Ayers on “Heartbreak” the two of them vocally take your mind to the time when your significant other completely broke you down to the point of no response. The final cut on this album “Nothing in the Sky” his a song of healing and recognition the moment when you realize Sky is the limit and the things in your way or just for the moment. 















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