1. Have your album professionally mixed and mastered to commercial radio standards

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  1. Register your music with the copyright office

It is important that you register works that you create and or own with the copyright office.

We are a registered authorized agent with the copyright office.


  1. Register songs with your performing rights association

ASCAP, BMI, SOCAN, SESAC, JACAP depending on what country you are in or which one you choose


  1. Submit your album to Soundscan for Billboard tracking

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  1. Choose a music distributor.

Choose a music distributor that covers all major digital outlets including streaming and downloads. Some popular ones are CDBABY, DISTROKID, AWAL,  LANDR, TUNECORE.


  1. Have professional unique Album artwork created for your album

This step is one of the most important because it is the first impression the viewer get before they decide whether or not to listen to your album or song.

For most outlets like iTunes size should be 1600×1600 and a minimum of 300dpi


  1. Create a marketing plan

You never know how the plan is going to unfold but it important to have a marketing plan for your Album.

Your marketing plan should at least include

(i)A release date for your Album,

(ii) A press release about the album written and distributed by professional PR Agent.

(iii) Music videos and promotional videos of songs on the album with strategic scheduled release dates.

Videos can be uploaded to Youtube and submitted to VEVO.


  1. Update your EPK, website, all your social media and use your email lists

You can give away free downloads and or merchandise like T-shirts, concert tickets etc. to your dedicated followers on social media and especially those who subscribed to your email list

       9. Submit your singles to record pools

To get your single to Djs worldwide for plays on radio and in clubs, submit your single to well known record pools matching your genre. Be sure to submit high quality 320kps mp3s with all versions to your single (Instrumental, acapellas, radio mix, dirty mix etc.) for best results

We also offer this service.

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(Note: Your advertising budget which is usually the most expensive part of promotion is not included in this list)